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October 2, 2015

WI competitions or how not to make chocolate truffles.

Being chief organiser of the competition entries for our local WI it fell to me to make a Christmas stocking (not knitted or crocheted) and some truffles as well as the tea cosy I actually wanted to make.

Now most people know I don’t like chocolate so whatever I make I will not try, luckily I know people who do,like the stuff so volunteers are easy to find. Determined to find a dairy free recipe I trawled the trusty Internet and found several vegan recipes. Good old Jamie Oliver has come up with a dairy free one, about time some famous chef didn’t actually produce a recipe that didn’t have piles of cream and butter in. Don’t get me started…..

so the mixture was made and I put it outdoors in the shade to ‘set’. Looked ready, the toasted coconut and nuts were waiting, how on earth are you supposed to roll a ball of soft chocolate mixture in your hands without it melting?    Needless to say I have odd shaped balls……

The other recipe I found included canned pumpkin and since it’s coming up to Halloween I thought it would be a nice touch to make Pumpkin truffles, except I’d forgotten to buy the almond butter and I wasn’t going to pay over £6.00 for some almond flour either. It seemed odd to be putting flour in a truffle mix that wasn’t going to be cooked so I used ground almonds instead and made my own almond butter. Well why not when you have almonds in the cupboard?

This mixture needed chilling before dipping in chocolate so it wasn’t quite as messy as Jamie’s recipe except I had a pumpkin mess all over my hands rather than a chocolate one. I’m hoping the judge will like my pumpkin truffles, and I hope I can find someone to eat half a dozen of the J.O. ones and all the leftover pumpkin ones. I’m thinking up ways to use the leftover truffle mix now…… Maybe mix with some icing sugar to decorate a cake?

There’s also almost a whole can of puréed pumpkin to think about too……

Truffle anyone?


May 3, 2013

Spring Garden and Leisure Show Ardingly 2013

Last years show was one of the wettest on record and was literally a wash out for many of the traders. This year it looks like the sun is paying us visit and I may well need a sunhat & suncream. The East Sussex Guild Weavers,Spinners & Dyers will as usual be demonstrating their skills with members from other local guilds. We will be in a marquee near the alpaca show.Image

I will be there on Sunday demonstrating needle felting and broomstick crochet.

The show is also open on Bank Holiday Monday.

May 8, 2012

From Highland cow to string

During an exceptionally quiet moment at the Spring show I volunteered to spin some fibre from the gorgeous Highland cows that were enjoying the attention of many visitors to their pen. I had the chance to stroke one or two of them and was surprised at how soft they were. Unfortunately the bag of fibre I was given was not so soft but undeterred I had a go. Suffice to say I ended up with hand spun string!ImageImage

May 2, 2011

Spring show at Ardingly

A successful day at the show, spun lots of alpaca and chatted to lots of nice people. The wind howled around the marquee and hat wearing was out of the question. More of the same today I fear.