June 1, 2015

What do you do with my Longwool curls?

I thought you’d like to see a couple more creative ways to use British Rare breed wool locks. I really look forward to seeing these images!

Cheryl of softnwoolly https://www.etsy.com/shop/softnwoolly created the unicorn, My very talented friend Hilary created the Tart. All her lingerie is machine embroidered. Her hair is natural black Wensleydale.

There are some very talented ladies out there!


The Tart

Needlefelted Unicorn with Teeswater mane and tail

Needlefelted Unicorn with Teeswater mane and tail

May 18, 2015

Masham fleece, Ardingly Spring show 2015

I was lucky enough to catch the sheep show at the Ardingly Spring Garden & Leisure show this year and noticed there were some Masham sheep waiting to be shorn as part of the sheep show.

A quick chat to the shearer and he marked the ewe that had the nicest fleece, I was on spinning duty with the alpacas so couldn’t wait to see her being shorn.When I had my next break I caught the end of his show and then he sold me the fleece.

At the first opportunity I started to wash it and realised just how beautiful it was. I have washed the entire fleece now and about half is dyed. I have managed to spin some too, from the locks, no carding required. The locks are very lustrous, super soft and not very curly.

This has to be in my top 5 favourite fleeces. I think I have the fleece that I will spin up for the Masham sheep fair. I certainly won’t be selling all of it! Call me selfish!

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Raked leaves

Raked leaves



FullSizeRender (31)

FullSizeRender (30)

April 30, 2015

How people use my British Rare Breed Locks

Having just been asked if I had any ‘wool’ suitable for doll hair I said ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’

I couldn’t tell what was suitable over the phone so my friend popped round with her scantily clad ‘lace project’ a beautiful fabric doll wearing a lacy negligee, lace stockings, suspender belt, bra and panties. But she was BALD! We trawled through baskets of sorted curls and bags of unsorted curls until we decided on overdyed black Wensleydale. As she is a work in progress you’ll have to wait until she’s complete before she is revealed.

Previously the same friend had asked me for curls for her mermaid, well, here is the result. The embroidery and beading is all hand stitched. I’m in awe!

photo (35)

This next project (different maker) is a male doll about 60cm tall, he is in the ‘raw’ so avert your eyes if you are of a delicate nature.

Who knew this is how my hand dyed locks would end up!

male doll with Teeswater hair

And now for something completely different, a needlefelted bear!


April 5, 2015

Lewes Craft Market

IMG_0747Another month, another market under my belt. To celebrate the fact that our markets are now held every month we invited Mr. Norman Baker to officially ‘open’ our Easter one yesterday. Norman kindly took the time to speak to the traders before cutting the ribbon at the market entrance.
Free chocolate eggs and colourful balloons welcomed visitors to the Market Tower and despite miserable weather conditions we had a steady flow of locals and tourists throughout the day.

A great selection of items were on sale, giving the makers an opportunity to interact with their customers and explain how each item was crafted. We try to offer a range of goods at each market to keep the markets vibrant and interesting. Many makers enjoy the market environment so much that they have booked most of forthcoming dates.

Our typical British weather was challenging for us, high winds, rain and below average temperature made us wish we’d all worn our thermals and woolly socks but numerous visits to Fillers in Fisher St. for hot drinks warmed us from the inside.

Bookings are still being taken for the rest of the year, details on stallfinder or email knitwit95@gmail.com

I took a few pics to give you an idea of what we have to offer but keep in mind there will be other makers attending throughout the year.

IMG_38282015-03-17 10.13.09IMG_0734IMG_0729IMG_3729IMG_0730

February 19, 2015

Brighton Etsy Team Bloghop

I was recently nominated by Jackie of Forever Foxed for our newly started Brighton Etsy Team Blog Hop. You can read Jackie’s post foreverfoxed.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/brighton-etsy-team-bloghop.html. All participants are answering the same questions and the aim is to discover more about our favourite shops and sellers and allow our blog readers to find out more about us.

I’m Jay of KnitwitOriginalsUK and KnitwitDesignsUK , the first shop sells hand dyed wool, alpaca and yarn, the 2nd sells hand knitted and needlefelt items.

What inspired you to start your business or Etsy shop?

I was unemployed for over a year but had been selling my creations at markets when I decided to stop claiming benefits and make my own way in the world. Not been an easy ride but nothing worthwhile ever is!

We’re looking at goals in the Brighton Etsy team this month, can you share one of your goals for your shop for the next six months?

I’m designing more items so I can sell knitting kits as well as felting kits. At the moment I design everything but don’t keep a note of it! Doh! I hope to use instagram more frequently!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve designed a scarf which I just need to write up, photograph and get listed! I’m also organising new craft markets in Lewes

If you could give other sellers or someone looking to start their own craft business one piece of advice what would you say?

Just do it!

I’d like to nominate Toby Oliver DeanYUK FUNVictoria Sol


January 24, 2015

Lewes Craft Market February 14th 2015

So far we have booked many amazing artists and makers. From ceramics, silver jewellery, driftwood, textiles, crochet, knitting, wood, beauty products and cards. To celebrate St. Valentines day we are also proud to announce we will have some amazing raw chocolate for sale too. Of course there will be fresh brewed coffee on site !



DSCN2416IMG_2667 (2)

January 1, 2015

Lewes Craft Market at the Market Tower

As many Lewesians know already there is a thriving food market every (well almost) Friday at the Market Tower in Lewes. I try to make it every week now my ankle has healed well enough, to purchase yummy noodles, spring rolls, fish, coffee and whatever takes my fancy.
What Lewes doesn’t have is a dedicated and regular craft market. Well this year it will have.
The first market will take place on February 14th, yes St.Valentines day. April 4th will be our Easter market,Solstice market will be on 20th June. More are yet to be confirmed.
I am tracking down the best local crafters and artists so I can offer a good selection of goodies for one and all.
The market tower has sheltered areas and an outside space where gazebos will be erected. Unfortunately there are no tables to borrow.
Prices are still to be confirmed but will be comparable to spaces at other events.
As soon as I have all the details and costs I will be contacting artists and makers. If you would like more details and are interested in having a space at any of the markets please get in touch. You may book at any of the dates.

December 7, 2014

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

My sister and I booked seats on a coach to visit Winter Wonderland in London, not really knowing what to expect. Stupidly I didn’t look on line to find out. It wasn’t til we were on the coach when my sister told me that some of the attractions needed pre-booking. Not desiring to ice skate, or sit in an ice village, I wasn’t too distraught.
We queued for about 15mins to gain entry and headed straight for the nearest loos (obviously). First queue of the afternoon. Bought some tokens at the kiosk and waited in another queue for our first ride (santas sleigh, for those over 5yrs). Then some food and a hot mulled wine, hoping the warmth would make it to my toes. By this time you couldn’t actually see the ground for feet and legs or see over the heads, keep walking head for the big wheel, keeping to the left as we were directed.
Spot it in the distance, amazed at the sights of the other rides, all brightly lit, sensory overload, ears in shock. Eventually we found the end of the queue, jostling commenced,stamping of feet trying to stay warm. Almost an hour later it was our turn and in we stepped, sharing our pod with a lovely lady with her niece. My sister was rather panicky, being as she didn’t like heights very much but since the wheel hardly moved and you only did one rotation stopping and starting as people either got on or off it was a rather forgettable experience. At least by the time it was our turn it was properly dark so we could see a beautiful full moon, the London Eye, Harrods and a few other famous landmarks.
Also from our advantage point in the sky we could see the throng of people still waiting to come in. We then joined the shuffling snake of people to get back to the loos. More queuing, another hot drink then to the finale- the Helter Skelter! Amazingly no queue, we could have just used our tokens for this all afternoon and avoided all the waiting, if it had it’s own loo it would have been perfect!
Needless to say I screamed all the way down and then couldn’t get up again, that was the best fun EVER.
So lessons learned- Check what/where/cost of attractions. Be prepared to queue endlessly for toilets.Wear even more clothes.
If you are looking to buy presents in the market, forget it. Re my previous post on stuff, all imported, useless stuff! (IMHO)
Feedback to Winter Wonderland-Provide more toilets!!! with all the millions of visitors they had last night I’m sure installing a few more portakabin loos won’t break the bank and it will make visitor experience much happier.
To families with small children-take a blanket or two to wrap them up, hats/mitts/warm boots essential.
My thanks to the gathering of santas, the coach driver and my big sister for a memorable evening.photo (31)photo (30)

December 7, 2014

Giant Needle felt Christmas cake

Last in the giant trilogy came the cake. Won’t be the last giant construction but it is for this year. Weighing in at about 2k and over 40″ around it’s decorated with merino tops ‘piping’,a sprinkle of mohair. a mini snowman, tiny snowballs, sprig of holly and holly berries. Now gracing May’s Antique shop window in Cliffe High st. Lewes.
photo (26)photo (25)

November 25, 2014

Giant Pumpkin and pudding

A few years ago I created what I believed to be the largest needle felted pumpkin in existence, it was rather large and made a fabulous footstool but it spent much of it’s life bagged up in the barn. A chance conversation with a Lewes shop owner eventually found the pumpkin travelling to Alfriston where it made a wonderful display in a shop window there.

Then I was commissioned to make a giant Christmas pudding, this one weighed in and 1.2K and was 45″ around and 14″ tall. 30 mini puddings accompanied it to Alfriston too for the Christmas window display.

30 Snowball decorations will be decorating a certain antique shop window in Lewes just after the beginning of December and mini puddings will be in another. Many of my decorations will adorn the tree in a high street bank in Lewes too.

My next big commission is still under wraps but look for it in Mays window in the next week or so.

My supply of fleece has dwindled but thanks to a certain auction website, they keep arriving. When I’m not washing the fleece I’m felting it.
I’ve never made this many felted items and I’m happy to say that I’m using British wool in everything I’m making.
Happy Christmas everyone!photo 1 (2)photo 1 (3)