ESGWSD 2015 Exhibition

I know, you want to know what the ESGWSD means, East Sussex Guild Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. Bit of a mouthful isn’t it?

We are at the really exciting stage of planning this exhibition, the hour before dawn, the quiet before the storm, you get the picture! Tomorrow we actually start setting it all up but we are not sitting on our laurels waiting for the day to arrive, oh no we might look like serene swans on the surface, but, underneath we are paddling away like whirling dervishes making sure that the whole of the south east is aware of what to expect at our exhibition.

Social media is a useful tool but pictures and physical items make it eye catching and memorable. Last week a trio of members installed the window display in Lewes Tourist Information centre. I had the idea to recreate my lounge as a cosy place you would just love to sit and spin in. Now my house is bereft of many of my treasured possessions.  We tried to represent all the skills- but the window was quite small!

On Saturday one of our members took little handmade sheep and flyers to many shops around town and I took more promotional packs around the cafe’s and shops in Cliffe High st. Yesterday we finished dropping off miniature sheep & wheels to the rest of the shops in Lewes. In return for their kindness we promised to mention them on social media. There are some wonderful people in Lewes and I think I met many of them while working on this project.

With just one day to go there is one big project still to do, I’m hoping the rain will cease or a merry band of volunteers will be rather soggy when they hit Lewes with graffitti knitting. I don’t like to use the term yarn bom*ing.


Abigails Drapery, School Hill, Lewes

Guild members have been busy knitting & crocheting items for this activity and I have a mountain of pom poms. My balaclava has been washed, we have recruited a photographer to capture the images. Watch out Lewes, here we come!


Lewes Tourist Information Centre

Steamer Trading

Steamer Trading


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