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7 Comments to “Contact page”

  1. I’ve just noticed you havent posted for over a month – are you OK Joan? Susanne ( from guild)

    • Hi Susanne,
      been super busy, sales are good (thought Jan would be quiet-DOH) then had my daughters wedding on the 28th and extra work load to cover my boss while she was on holiday. whew. Will try and write something interesting soooooon. Hope all well with you and yours,

  2. Thanks for the needle felting workshop at the Maker Faire on Saturday, I got so into making my next felt ball when I got home that I broke my needle, am totally addicted now and had to resort to a late night spree on eBay for more needles. Have SO many questions, which is the best resource for needle felting? Helen ( the girl who made the cat)

    • Hi Helen,
      go to World of Wool for needles, quick delivery and friendly staff.there are many types, I buy the ones in blue pots.38 gauge star.
      There are quite a few books, ones that teach you how to make animals. You can always buy more fibre from me including the washed fleece for inside creations. I’m trying to arrange a Build your own Snowman workshop this side of Christmas so make sure you subscribe to this blog. I will have a new web site just for workshops soon.
      Let me know how else I an help you with your new addiction!

  3. Thanks Jay, it’s the terminology I am having trouble understanding. I have done a fair bit of Internet investigation and it’s terms such as rovings, and other words and it’s difficult to understand the difference as a novice. I have a set of needles coming already, and I want to create a picture from the colours I bought at the weekend from you, but not sure if I need to mount it onto something (like you would paint on a canvas)
    Will def be in touch for washed fleece 🙂

    • Hi Helen,
      would you like to meet up somewhere? There should be rovings/tops in your bag of dyed wool, it’s the long strips of wool. World of Wool again is a great source of info. I buy white and dye it to get the colours I need but you can buy it dyed. To make a picture you do really need a base of white wool (did you buy the washed stuff too) you can buy pre-felt(WOW) then put your colours onto it. You can just lay wool onto a foam base and needlefelt them into shape before adding the colour -‘paint’. Hope this helps

  4. Hello Jay

    I need you to tell me where exactly to pick you up I want to get to ardingly early. I would prefer it if you could get to uckfield on Sunday as family need picking up and dropping off on Sunday. Please contact me to discuss arrangements. Rosa

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