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July 14, 2019

Store closing end July

I’ve listed as much as I can, plenty of felting and spinning supplies to choose from. There is a sale on across the whole shop.

With etsy wanting us to offer free postage to the USA and promoting those stores above any others I feel like the last nail has been banged into the etsy coffin.

It’s been an enjoyable journey, but I’ve come to then end.

January 17, 2018

Whatever happened to 2017

It seems I’ve neglected to keep up with my posts this year. I won’t give away the ending before I’ve even started though, that really would ruin the surprise!

Processing wool is not an easy job and my body has suffered over the 7 years I’ve been doing it full time, after several de-nervations on my sacroliliac and another to look forward to in the new year, the doctor and I have an agreement that he does what he can to keep me working for the next 2 years.

I have also completely knackered my knees, so much so I have been unable to wash fleece for the past 3 months. I am hoping that with a good long rest things will have improved by the new year so I can get back to washing wool again. In the meantime I will be looking for someone to do a few hours work experience……..

2017 is the year I started networking which I have thoroughly enjoyed, I joined Mumpreneurs and have met some lovely people and had many opportunities offered to me. A dove release to remember my mum and dad was rather memorable.

IMG_7007 (1)

I have enjoyed a holiday in France with family, had a working holiday in Italy and a house sitting stint in Poole. Laterly I have been having weekends in Littlehampton but that story will follow shortly.

December 9th saw me organise the final Lewes Craft market of 2017 and my very last overall. 3 years was enough, it has been an experience and I’ve met some wonderful people and lots of new friends but it has taken me away from my first love, wool processing. Thankfully someone else will take it over next year so local makers and artists will continue to be able sell their wares direct to the public.


My baking has gone down well at our local Country Market and more people are enjoying my gluten and dairy free bakes than ever.  I processed over 20K of Organic Seville oranges into marmalade and many kilos of local fruit in jam and jelly.

Still single but hope it’s not forever, there’s a man out there somewhere who needs me!






November 10, 2011

Best job in the world?

I really love what I do,I’m not big on exercising so how I got into this job is a mystery! I visit nursing homes and spend an hour getting the residents to move what limbs they are able to. Their capabilities vary from only having one mobile finger to being able to raise their arms high over their heads. Some are unable to speak, some can’t hear but the expressions on their faces show me that they are happy or sad.
It may take a soft toy placed in front of them to induce a response but respond they do. A smile appears and a hand or finger reaches out to touch the toy.The more able enjoy singing along to Doris Day or Matt Monroe and participate in all the exercises/games. Sometimes we reminisce and do quizes, this often leads to discussions and gradually I gain an understanding of their young lives.
I found out early on that I have to be careful with items in my memory ‘box’ some items have been mistaken for sweets and I’ve had to quickly retrieve the odd conker or old penny, I am learning so much about dementia and alzheimers and how sometimes the behaviour is the same as a toddler.
How many jobs offer such satisfaction? I am thanked at the end of every session, sometimes it’s hard get away as they often want more, but always, no matter what they thank me for coming. How many people get thanked when they go home after carrying out their job? Not many I bet and certainly no other job I’ve ever done!