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August 6, 2011

Time for dyeing-the natural way

With summer in full swing now is the time to gather dyestuffs from round and about. Next doors mulberrys are dropping to the ground and getting soggy in this rain so I have nip round there during a dry spell to pick them up. The first batch produced a lovely pinky mauve on silk and alpaca. Yesterday at Bentley Wildfowl I was allowed to pick some Golden Rod which has given me some lovely citrusy yellow on Falkland Island tops. A pound or so of elderberries has turned 100gms of Falkland Island tops a lovely mauve and the exhaust from the Golden Rod and elderberries is still in the pot with another 100gm of F.I.tops.
My earlier dye session this week turned out very blue, not with natural dyes I hasten to add but some vintage ICI dyes. I mixed some blue with red hoping to achieve purple but it all came out blue! It is on the lavender side of blue and I have a lot of blue wool, yarn and tops.
from one dye pot
wool and tencel

June 22, 2011

Seven Sisters Sheep Centre

Seems like there is a drought of fleece in this part of the world, not sure if shearing is late this year, maybe the early heat wave followed by the deluge effected the rise of lanolin in the fleece. Terry at the S.S.S.C sheared 2 Masham sheep for me so last Friday I drove over to East Dean to collect them. I walked up the hill to take the pictures but have no idea which sheep are which-apart from the Jacob!Instead of running away from me 3 of them ran towards me thinking I may have some food.The sheep centre will be open again this weekend to visitors. They have many sheep breeds there and if you are looking for nice fleece I highly recommend the milk sheep fleece, it’s gorgeous!
Jacob and 2 milk sheep
Friendly milk sheep

May 2, 2011

Spring show at Ardingly

A successful day at the show, spun lots of alpaca and chatted to lots of nice people. The wind howled around the marquee and hat wearing was out of the question. More of the same today I fear.

March 15, 2011

New fingerless mitts on etsy

In preparation for the Camelid show at Ardingly in May I have been busy spinning alpaca and knitting mittens using my own patterns. I am very pleased with the results, the mittens are very cosy!

July 14, 2010

Rare Breed show at Singleton

I’ m busy trying to get some items ready to enter in to the Rare Breed show this Sunday. It is my favourite show of the year as there are always lots of spinners there & loads of fleece to buy. I have to tell myself I don’t need another fleece, there is nowhere to put it, not enough time to process it and unless it is really gorgeous I will NOT buy it. Tomorrow is connect with the countryside at Ardingly, hoards of school children descend upon the showground to learn where milk comes from etc. Volunteers from the Guild attend to show  to demonstrate where wool comes from & what we use it for. The Sheep Show will be there & are supposed to be bringing some Masham fleece. I really enjoy spinning their fleece as it’s silky like Wensleydale but the curls aren’t as tight.

May 5, 2010

Robin Hood and me

As a spinner you are asked to do lots of strange things, recently the Guild were asked to spin some Siberian Husky fibre for their rescue charity and of course I had to volunteer to do that. I’m waiting for the package to arrive!

Last year the Guild were asked to spin a number of very large skeins of chunky natural wool for a production of Robin Hood in which my hero Russell Crowe stars in. Many of our members & other local guilds took part so I’m now looking forward to seeing the movie which is due out later this month.

Another claim to fame was a production called Sewn, this was produced by University of Sussex students and loosely based on Rumplestiltskin. I had to teach 2 of the actresses to spin and in the end a close up of my spinning was filmed as the students couldn’t spin continuously for the camera.

You never know what will come your way!

February 3, 2010

Knitwit Originals limited edition yarn being spun

vintage machine producing limited edition yarn