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January 9, 2013

Homeless in Brighton

Last week en route to Brighton I spotted some cheeky pidgeons flying in and out of a broken window of an empty top floor flat. I dread to think what the interior must look like if the wildlife have taken over an empty property. Down below the people in the offices were probably unaware of the ‘squatters’ above. What a waste!
While the pidgeons were enjoying a dry and sheltered accomodation a young man and his dog had taken up residence in a doorway on North St. I wondered how long he’d been there and how he cares for himself and his pal. He looked snug, wrapped up well but where’s the justice here? Wildlife living in a flat and a man and his dog living in a doorway?
I regularly see a man in Lewes wandering around in layers on clothing, filthy dirty avoiding the stares of everyone around, muttering to himself. What’s his story?
I don’t know how I can help, I deperately wanted to help the man in North St. As for the pidgeons, well they should be evicted and the landlord should make good his property. Empty houses should not be empty.

July 18, 2012

Life without a car

Looks like the relationship between me & Betty has come to an end. Betty is a 12yr old Nissan Micra that my dad bought new in 2000. She never missed a service and has only clocked up just over 60,000 miles.Dad never drove very far in her, she made it to Yorkshire last year, the furthest she ever went.

I don’t understand cars, can’t even change a tyre, I know where to put oil, screen wash and petrol, that’s it.

The man at the garage was very kind explaining this & that trying to make me understand that Betty was defunct and was not worth the cost of repairing, there would be no guarantee that she would last very long even after the repair to get her through the MOT.

So now I’m coming to terms of losing Dad’s car and my independence. I’m lucky to live in a village with a frequent bus service which will take me to Hove so I can look after my grandson ( double the time it takes to drive), get me to Lewes to do my shift at Oxfam and to Uckfield to see my mum. It will enable me to do 2 of my Lets Get Moving jobs but one will have to be dropped, too far & no bus. It won’t get me to Forest Row to sell my wares at Mansion market or to the shows I do every year. I will miss them but I’ll have to adjust.

Life changes all the time, throws up new challenges. Now I have to be positive and move on. I shall make the most of Betty til the end of the month then wave her goodbye (after removing the AA badge from her front).

She may go the Fire service or the police, but I’d quite like a few pennies for her to put toward a shopping trolley and an annual bus pass!


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February 12, 2011

Women only parking spaces

While I was in Cardiff visiting my daughter & her fiance we used on of the central car parks. I was amused to see the ‘lady’ symbol painted along one wall of spaces. They didn’t seem to be any bigger than the others but I didn’t have my tape measure handy…
I have just googled lady only parking spaces and come up with this.
Have a giggle!

December 10, 2010

Christmas not Xmas

Why do we have to shorten the word Christmas? Every where you look signage says Xmas trees for sale, even some Christmas cards sport the wish Merry Xmas, WHY????? Do the Americans shorten Thanksgiving? I detest this abbreviation, I refuse to buy anything with it on and thought a knitting magazine would be safe from this literary insult but no in my latest issue of Yarn Forward ‘Xmas Gifts’. AAARRRGGGHHHH, help stop this, we celebrate Christmas!

November 20, 2010

A Yuletide Blog

Prize winning pudding

It’s not even December, yet every shop I go into blares out rotten Christmas ‘music’ is jammed to the ceiling with imported items which we simply MUST have for our loved ones, and to top it all snow is expected……

I watched, horrified as Sainsbury’s advertised a balloon animal making kit for a man, I can imagine what every man I know would think of that in his stocking. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, we are in a recession so who buys all the crap that overflows all the shelves in our leading chain stores?

We are constantly reminded about saving the planet, reusing, recycling, cutting down on packaging so why is Christmas exempt from this? How many container loads have made it accross the oceans? When looking for a special something, why not buy direct from the maker? There are loads of wonderful markets, farmers & craft, support British producers, if you live in Brighton buy something made in Brighton, meet the maker. There are hundreds of small producers out there trying to make a living, putting their heart & soul into something they love to do, lets help them this yuletide. First of December has now arrived, the first window of the cat’s advent calendar has been open, wow he so enjoyed seeing a picture of a sardine, he just cant wait to taste his special cat food or to open his card from his special neighbour, then the joy of opening all his presents. Really?????