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June 20, 2010

Fox watch

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to watch the antics of 5 fox cubs (and their parents) in a field adjacent to the drive , most of my sightings have been viewed from my skylight window but once or twice  I have seen them from the drive. I was sad to see them go,they were so funny interacting with the 2 Romney sheep, I even managed to see dad bringing back a rabbit for them. Bertie the Westie was probably relieved they went as all the time the parents were in protective mode the big dog fox kept chasing him round the garden. It was a bit like Tom & Jerry at times.

 Yesterday there was a new kid on the block, a brand new cub has appeared in the field. I haven’t had a chance to capture him on film yet but here are a couple of images of the first batch. I’d love to know if this is usual behaviour having 2 litters a year or can they have even more? All my views are blocked quite a bit by the tree in the foreground, so it’s a case of now you see me, now you don’t