Knitwit Originals

For fibre/fiber artists everywhere, if you work/rest and play with fiber this blog is for you. I dye all my own wool/fibre/yarn and all the alpaca I use/sell is sourced within 5 miles of me.

I specialise in dyeing British Rare breed Longwool fleeces such as Wensleydale, Teeswater, Leicester longwool & Lincoln longwool. Recently I have discovered Cotswold fleece, Devon & Cornwall Longwool & Masham. Each have their own distinct personality and desirability.

Since selling on I have learned much about what my buyers use the wool for and it always surprises me. As a spinner myself I thought most of what I sold would end up as hand spun yarn but it hasn’t been, most of the hand spun longwool locks end up as doll and puppet hair. Blythe dolls can be re-rooted with natural wool locks for stunning results.

My mixed fibre packs can be blended together with a drum carder or blending board and spun into art yarn. These can be customised. Washed fleece is perfect for needlefelting and its what I use in all my creations. I save the dyed tops for the outside. My needlefelting kits are perfect for beginners as they include washed core wool, foam block, 2 needles and dyed merino. Instructions for basic ball shapes are included.

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