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March 22, 2018

The Do’s n Don’t of online dating

Last year I decided to try online dating, it’s a big step for anyone and probably a bigger step if you’re over 60. I wasn’t warned about the scammers so I thought others should be made aware. I’m writing from experience, not hearsay, just what I’ve learned.
Being a trusting soul I believed the first message I received and ended up revealing my email address (I had set up one specifically to join the site). Endless messages followed, life history, pledges of love and support, it was relentless. After a week or so I blocked this fiend but not until after I was emotionally drained.
You’re up, your down, it’s lovely hearing a compliment but then like a kick to the stomach when they don’t reply to a message. Your brain works overtime wondering what went wrong.
Dating life lesson one- don’t give out email address.
It can be tiresome keep accessing the dating websites to retrieve messages so I do use WhatsAp, at least messaging is free and you can easily block anyone you don’t want to talk to.
Many men think they want a life partner but when push comes to shove they have no idea how to share their lives again. Selfish behaviour, not turning up for a date, only have time for the obvious. Some men will only want to use you for the obvious, that’s fine if that satisfies you too but take care and use protection.
Scammers often don’t have a profile picture- they tell you they’re in the army & can’t disclose their location or photos. They tell you their sob/life story in the first message, a huge great yarn, then ask for an email address or want to skype you. They tell you distance is no problem, that love is everything, blah, blah. I don’t give these the time of day, just block them straight away.
It’s not always obvious, you think you’re talking to Mr X from wherever but then you quickly realise from their spelling that they’re probably not even English.
Dating is time consuming, can be costly but so many people have met their life partners online that I think it’s worth taking the time to try. Don’t be fooled by the sweet talkers, don’t give your email address or bank details to anyone and most of all try to enjoy the process.
You might have to kiss many frogs but I’m hoping to find my prince eventually.