Time for dyeing-the natural way

With summer in full swing now is the time to gather dyestuffs from round and about. Next doors mulberrys are dropping to the ground and getting soggy in this rain so I have nip round there during a dry spell to pick them up. The first batch produced a lovely pinky mauve on silk and alpaca. Yesterday at Bentley Wildfowl I was allowed to pick some Golden Rod which has given me some lovely citrusy yellow on Falkland Island tops. A pound or so of elderberries has turned 100gms of Falkland Island tops a lovely mauve and the exhaust from the Golden Rod and elderberries is still in the pot with another 100gm of F.I.tops.
My earlier dye session this week turned out very blue, not with natural dyes I hasten to add but some vintage ICI dyes. I mixed some blue with red hoping to achieve purple but it all came out blue! It is on the lavender side of blue and I have a lot of blue wool, yarn and tops.
from one dye pot
wool and tencel


One Comment to “Time for dyeing-the natural way”

  1. The blue from the old dyes looks lovely in the pictures. How light-fast do you think the elderberries will be? I’m having a go with solar dyeing with Lilly stamens at the moment – you know how lilly pollen stains bright orange – so far, I’m not getting the brilliant colour I’d hope, but some boucle yarn has come out a pretty pale gold and some fleece ( mordanted with Alum) a slightly darker shade – at least its costing me nothing! I’ll have a go wth some Golden Rod if I can sneak some – It grows weed like on the railway embankments, but I’m nto sure scrambling down to get it is a wise idea!

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