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June 22, 2011

Seven Sisters Sheep Centre

Seems like there is a drought of fleece in this part of the world, not sure if shearing is late this year, maybe the early heat wave followed by the deluge effected the rise of lanolin in the fleece. Terry at the S.S.S.C sheared 2 Masham sheep for me so last Friday I drove over to East Dean to collect them. I walked up the hill to take the pictures but have no idea which sheep are which-apart from the Jacob!Instead of running away from me 3 of them ran towards me thinking I may have some food.The sheep centre will be open again this weekend to visitors. They have many sheep breeds there and if you are looking for nice fleece I highly recommend the milk sheep fleece, it’s gorgeous!
Jacob and 2 milk sheep
Friendly milk sheep

June 2, 2011

Roger and Dave get a haircut

The sheep are now pink and looking decidedly fat. Weighwatchers will have their hands full with these two. Phil the shearer arrived on Bank holiday Monday to relieve the sheep of their golden fleeces. The wool is soft and bouncy and destined for the local mill where they and many more will be spun into 4ply yarn. Some of the fleece will be flying out to the USA. Here are a few pics of Roger and Dave before and after. Roger is the one with a bald face, Dave has a woolly face. Difficult now telling them apart!
Roger and Dave waiting patiently