Bees n wool

First there was the hedgehog in one of my fleeces now this morning I discover a nest of bees. I had filled the bath ready to wash some fleece, went to my off ground store (to keep hedgehogs out) and heard buzzing. On opening the bag I saw some wriggling bodies and quickly went to get my neighbour. We carried the bin bag between us accross the garden to an old greenhouse. Then I thought I should phone my bee keeping friend Mary to ask her what to do next. Anyway 3 calls later got hold of a bee man who said I needed to return bag to same place or the bees wouldn’t be able to find their way home. So back to my neighbour who helped me return the bag to same place, much to the relief of the buzzing bees that were now looking for their hive. Now I have to wait til someone can adopt my bees and relocate them!

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