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May 21, 2011

Bees not honey bees

A bee keeper has just given me the news that the bees in my fleece are not honey bees but good to have in the garden anyway. I have put the bag back in same spot and they are happy polinating flowers in the garden. They are very cute bees, little little teddy bears with wings. I may have to needle felt a few! As long as they are happy they can stay put til the winter when they die off then the fleece can go on the compost heap. I’ll have to find another place to keep my fleece!

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May 21, 2011

Bees n wool

First there was the hedgehog in one of my fleeces now this morning I discover a nest of bees. I had filled the bath ready to wash some fleece, went to my off ground store (to keep hedgehogs out) and heard buzzing. On opening the bag I saw some wriggling bodies and quickly went to get my neighbour. We carried the bin bag between us accross the garden to an old greenhouse. Then I thought I should phone my bee keeping friend Mary to ask her what to do next. Anyway 3 calls later got hold of a bee man who said I needed to return bag to same place or the bees wouldn’t be able to find their way home. So back to my neighbour who helped me return the bag to same place, much to the relief of the buzzing bees that were now looking for their hive. Now I have to wait til someone can adopt my bees and relocate them!

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May 16, 2011

Spring farm workshop-update

It’s cria time at Spring Farm!
Baby’s arriving daily, the stork is busy delivering these cutest of critters. All different colours they are dotted around the field with their mums and friends exploring their new surroundings. By the time of the workshops there will be many new arrivals to coo over. Treat you mum, gran or best friend to the workshop! What a present! I
Book 2 places together and receive 10% discount!
Book quickly!
mum and cria

May 11, 2011

Needle felt workshops 15th and 26th June,1.30-4.30

Love to learn new crafts?
Come and try needle felting.
Each workshop will teach you the basics of needle felting using alpaca fibre to create your own 3D masterpiece.
No previous experience is required, al materials are supplies and included in cost,
Meet and greet the alpacas
Before settling down to make your masterpiece you will have the opportunity to actually meet some of the alpacas that produce the fibre we will use in the workshops. These gentle and inquisitive creatures produce the most amazing fibre which is finer and softer than sheep’s wool.
Spring Farm-Fletching-Nr Uckfield, E.Sussex
Cost £55.00
Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits included
Novelty items

May 2, 2011

Spring show at Ardingly

A successful day at the show, spun lots of alpaca and chatted to lots of nice people. The wind howled around the marquee and hat wearing was out of the question. More of the same today I fear.