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April 23, 2011

Spring Garden and Leisure show at Ardingly-1st and 2nd May

I love this show, it often rains, blows a gale and we freeze our whotsits off while trying to spin beautifully prepared alpaca. I have prepared lots of alpaca since last years shearing days at Spring Farm and have recently found a new use for it. After 2 successful workshops I now realise how wonderful it is to felt.
The Spring show is a great day out.
kaleidascope jingle ball
Paisley egg
rainbow swirls

April 21, 2011

Oh no there’s a hedgehog in my fleece

I needed to wash some more Masham fleece for a customer on etsy but I didn’t expect to find a hedgehog curled up inside the wool! I plonked the whole bag of fleece into a wheelbarrow while I went to fetch the camera, I couldn’t let him slip away without capturing the moment! He seemed not to mind being unwrapped and only woke up when I got my landlord to take his picture away from the fleece. Hopefully the fleece and hedgehog suffered not for the experience. I let him go in some undergrowth to continue his nap and hopefully our garden will be snail & slug free in the future. My fleece will now be stored off the ground!
all curled up the fleece
who are you?

April 14, 2011

Petra’s socks

A skein of my hand dyed yarn was purchased by Petra in Germany, this is what she created with the yarn!