Washing hand knits

My recommendations for washing hand knits are as follows

1. Read label if it came with one

2. Fill bowl/basin with warm water add a squirt of eco friendly washing up liquid or hand wash liquid

3. Put garment into water pushing down so all of it is wet.

4. Gently swish about  and leave for about 5 mins.

5. Drain

6. Fill bowl with more water, making sure it’s the same temperature as the water you washed it in. Drain

7. Repeat this process until suds are gone.

8. Place garment in a towel and wrap it up, gently rolling it so that some of the water comes out.

9. Unwrap & re-shape garment, pulling it into shape. Dry on a sweater dryer or for small items place on dry towel over radiator or clothes airer. Move around a few times as it’s drying.



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