Winter wonderland

More snow fell on Friday, I found myself driving in a blizzard with my 94yr old mother beside me saying ‘we should have stayed home’. It wasn’t snowing when we left, there were a few flakes when we stopped for petrol but then 5 mins later I couldn’t see a thing. The further we got to Wych Cross nursery the worse it became, I wanted to turn round but couldn’t see the parking areas. I knew the Llama Park was coming up so headed for that, skidded into the drive, turned round & headed back out hoping that any car coming toward me would have it’s lights on. We gingerly headed back to Nutley, down the big hill & up into the village but the car in front was stuck, wheels spinning on the frozen snow. Nothing coming so I drove on past him (apologies for not stopping to help) & managed to get back to Uckfield in one piece where it was snowing less. Poor mum was a bit shaken but we’d made it. It took about an hour & half to drive from Uckfield to Ringmer but hey ho I was safe & the car was fine. We never did get our mulled wine or mince pies but there’s always next year!


2 Comments to “Winter wonderland”

  1. So glad that you are both safe. Keep warm.

  2. Hi Joan – just to say, I love the photo of you feeding Roger – bless you both. If you are still awake at Midnight on Christams Eve, don’t forget to pop out and see if he is kneeling, like the Thomas Hardy poem ( even though he is not quite the right beast!) –

    Happy Christmas and Love, Susanne

    PS So glad you and your Mum made it safely back in the blizzard last Friday.

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