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December 19, 2010

Winter wonderland

More snow fell on Friday, I found myself driving in a blizzard with my 94yr old mother beside me saying ‘we should have stayed home’. It wasn’t snowing when we left, there were a few flakes when we stopped for petrol but then 5 mins later I couldn’t see a thing. The further we got to Wych Cross nursery the worse it became, I wanted to turn round but couldn’t see the parking areas. I knew the Llama Park was coming up so headed for that, skidded into the drive, turned round & headed back out hoping that any car coming toward me would have it’s lights on. We gingerly headed back to Nutley, down the big hill & up into the village but the car in front was stuck, wheels spinning on the frozen snow. Nothing coming so I drove on past him (apologies for not stopping to help) & managed to get back to Uckfield in one piece where it was snowing less. Poor mum was a bit shaken but we’d made it. It took about an hour & half to drive from Uckfield to Ringmer but hey ho I was safe & the car was fine. We never did get our mulled wine or mince pies but there’s always next year!

December 10, 2010

Christmas not Xmas

Why do we have to shorten the word Christmas? Every where you look signage says Xmas trees for sale, even some Christmas cards sport the wish Merry Xmas, WHY????? Do the Americans shorten Thanksgiving? I detest this abbreviation, I refuse to buy anything with it on and thought a knitting magazine would be safe from this literary insult but no in my latest issue of Yarn Forward ‘Xmas Gifts’. AAARRRGGGHHHH, help stop this, we celebrate Christmas!

December 9, 2010

Mansion Market 2011

First of this years’ markets will be held on Feb 12 2011. Great food, great crafts, nice people & of course I’ll be there selling winter warmers & dyed fleece & yarn. Location- Forest Row, E.Sussex.

December 6, 2010

Random acts of kindness

I have often given the odd pound to strangers needing change for the parking machine and thought nothing of it. While on a shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells yesterday I waited patiently in Fenwicks to purchase a gift for my daughter. There was a long queue and not enough sales staff, but it’s the festive season so I was patient. I told the lady next in line that I knew what I wanted so wouldn’t be long but her parking time had long expired anyway. We got chatting & long story short turned out she had a 20% off voucher so I gave her my cash & job done, discount received. We exchanged contact details just incase our packages got mixed up during gift wrapping but  her name wasn’t on the card. As she had finished her shopping she gave me the voucher which I used gratefully & then passed on to someone else. Thank you kind stranger!

December 4, 2010

Lewes late nite shopping-rescheduled

It’s back on, now scheduled for the 16th, lets hope snow doesn’t stop play again. The Town Hall market will not be happening though.

December 3, 2010

Charleston House

Although this lovely house is now closed for the winter the fabulous shop will be open every Sat & Sun from 12-4 in December. Hopefully the weather will be kind enough for people to enjoy the journey & then the shop.

December 2, 2010

Late nite shopping Lewes-Cancelled

Well I never, is this a first?? Snow has fallen in such an abundance they’ve cancelled late night shopping! All those mince pies & mulled wine going to waste……