Birling Gap and mulberry results

Another beautiful day found us at Birling Gap in East Sussex to collect more sea water for dyeing with. Sue’s previous experiments proved that by using sea water instead of tap water altered the colour quite noticiably. As the tide was on it’s way out, the  sand was revealed making it really safe for the boys to paddle about in the water.Not so much rock pooling and no sign of wildlife apart from the limpets & sea weed but a grand day out nevertheless.

My little experiment with next door’s mulberrys proved very successful, I didn’t have very many berries & after cooking & straining, I put the liquor in a jam jar with a handful of silk & left it to sit for about 3 weeks. This is what came out-

mulberry dyed silk

It is such an amazing pink, the little bit of Shetland fleece I put in another jar was disappointing although still pink.

2 Comments to “Birling Gap and mulberry results”

  1. What a beautiful colour! I’m really happy neighbour.

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