Mulberry tree next door

To my surprise & delight there lives a beautiful mulberry tree right next door to me. Unfortunately I have discovered this rather late in the season and after a few weeks of horrid weather, but I managed to pick a few over ripe berries & have boiled them up to extract some colour. Today I will add some silk tops (only fitting I think since silk worms eat the leaves of the mulberry to make the silk) Had also thought I may just cultivate some worms of my own on the leaves to see what happens.  Since the tree is in my neighbours garden I have added his web site to my links but if you are reading this now click here to take you to his site, he even wrote a special poem for the Noughtists.

4 Comments to “Mulberry tree next door”

  1. Great to hear Jay – we are in Mallorca in glorious weather at our friends beautiful villa in the montains ( ) and thinking of the juicy mullberries! Still – we do have ripe peaches and figs in seaason to comfort us!

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