Overheard on a bus

Man talking to his lady friend: you’ve never met my boyfriend have you? He’s gay!

4 Comments to “Overheard on a bus”

  1. Hiya Jay – nice to meet you and your knitted animals an creations on Thursday at Noughtists ‘do’. Good joke!

    My web site http://www.boylesblog.co.uk – have a look – should be live no later than Monday – and see if you are happy us doing a link

    • Hi Stewart,
      I will take a peek! It will be nice as neighbours to be linked!
      It was a lovely evening so nice to meet my neighbours at long last. Is your mulberry tree still dropping fruit? I wasnt able to collect enough from Grange gardens to experiment with but I’d love to try to dye with them. Hope you have a good weekend
      ps are the foxes in your garden too?

  2. Mulberry tree still fruiting. If you are around Sunday am (we go on holiday after 3pm) we can pick some.

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