Mulberry tree in Grange gardens

Was at Grange Gardens in Lewes yesterday and the mulberry tree is groaning with delicious berries. Since it was fenced off a few years ago it has flourished, bad news for mulberry lovers but if you ask the gardeners nicely you can climb over the fence & pick the yummy berries. No tree climbing but lots of low branches! Beware of the juice, it’s liable to stain clothing! The gardens looked quite beautiful and the magnolia tree by the cafe is blooming too!

3 Comments to “Mulberry tree in Grange gardens”

  1. Hi Joan – 45 years ago I went to the old girls grammer school in Lewes, so for 7 years I walked past this mulberry tree twice a day on my way to or from the station. I was thinking about it just a couple of weeks ago and wondering if it was still alive – I’m so very glad it is, and glad that the gardeners will let you sneak in to get the fruit! See you later this month at the guild – and bearing in mind the topic for this month, can you dye with mulberry juice??? Give it a go and let me see the results!!! Love, Susanne –

  2. We have a Mulberry Tree in our garden . They are an amazing fruit – so delicious. A bit tart but also really sweet. And yes – it does stain – clothes and cars!

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