Prize winning Christmas pudding

Needle felted pudding

Managed to arrive in time to enter my 4 items in the competition at the Rare Breed Show, a needle felted sheep, Christmas pudding and 2 skeins of handspun yarn. The yarn was still damp when I set out from home but it had dried by the time I arrived. There were many entries in the spinning competition but only 2 others in the needle felt section. A  friend of mine came in  as I was going out , she had made an amazing  meerkat, I knew she would win the first prize, and she did! My pudding came second and the sheep came third. The yarn was unplaced but it’s not about the winning…….


2 Comments to “Prize winning Christmas pudding”

  1. Congratulations! I saw your items at the show, the Christmas pudding made me smile – Christmas in July?! Like you I had an unplaced skein of yarn, but who knows what next year will bring?

    • Very last minute idea, on Etsy they are celebrating Christmas in July so it had to be! Show was great if a little compact! thanks for your comments!

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