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July 14, 2010

Rare Breed show at Singleton

I’ m busy trying to get some items ready to enter in to the Rare Breed show this Sunday. It is my favourite show of the year as there are always lots of spinners there & loads of fleece to buy. I have to tell myself I don’t need another fleece, there is nowhere to put it, not enough time to process it and unless it is really gorgeous I will NOT buy it. Tomorrow is connect with the countryside at Ardingly, hoards of school children descend upon the showground to learn where milk comes from etc. Volunteers from the Guild attend to show¬† to demonstrate where wool comes from & what we use it for. The Sheep Show will be there & are supposed to be bringing some Masham fleece. I really enjoy spinning their fleece as it’s silky like Wensleydale but the curls aren’t as tight.