Best yarn shop in South East

Shortly after Caroline opened the Wool Bar, I took a trip to Worthing to find the shop. Looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Disappointed I returned home, looked again at directions & a couple of weeks later I was off again. This time I found the street & a delectable patisserie. Drooling over the pastries & tarts I mentioned to the owner that I was on a mission to find the yarn shop-‘it’s next door’ she said! I’d walked past it! It’s so tiny but the welcome was huge. Caroline is so welcoming that it makes you glad you’ve travelled for 3 hours to get there. My visits are frequent as I now sell my hand dyed sock yarn in the shop & we are planning some workshops in June & July.

One Comment to “Best yarn shop in South East”

  1. Hi Jay – looked you up when I got home from the Guild – its a great little blog. I’ve put it on my favourites so I can check back. Off to make more pink pompoms for the church bazaar now, while listening to ‘The Navy Lark evening’ on BBC 7!! Love, Susanne

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