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December 6, 2010

Random acts of kindness

I have often given the odd pound to strangers needing change for the parking machine and thought nothing of it. While on a shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells yesterday I waited patiently in Fenwicks to purchase a gift for my daughter. There was a long queue and not enough sales staff, but it’s the festive season so I was patient. I told the lady next in line that I knew what I wanted so wouldn’t be long but her parking time had long expired anyway. We got chatting & long story short turned out she had a 20% off voucher so I gave her my cash & job done, discount received. We exchanged contact details just incase our packages got mixed up during gift wrapping but  her name wasn’t on the card. As she had finished her shopping she gave me the voucher which I used gratefully & then passed on to someone else. Thank you kind stranger!


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