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February 19, 2015

Brighton Etsy Team Bloghop

I was recently nominated by Jackie of Forever Foxed for our newly started Brighton Etsy Team Blog Hop. You can read Jackie’s post All participants are answering the same questions and the aim is to discover more about our favourite shops and sellers and allow our blog readers to find out more about us.

I’m Jay of KnitwitOriginalsUK and KnitwitDesignsUK , the first shop sells hand dyed wool, alpaca and yarn, the 2nd sells hand knitted and needlefelt items.

What inspired you to start your business or Etsy shop?

I was unemployed for over a year but had been selling my creations at markets when I decided to stop claiming benefits and make my own way in the world. Not been an easy ride but nothing worthwhile ever is!

We’re looking at goals in the Brighton Etsy team this month, can you share one of your goals for your shop for the next six months?

I’m designing more items so I can sell knitting kits as well as felting kits. At the moment I design everything but don’t keep a note of it! Doh! I hope to use instagram more frequently!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve designed a scarf which I just need to write up, photograph and get listed! I’m also organising new craft markets in Lewes

If you could give other sellers or someone looking to start their own craft business one piece of advice what would you say?

Just do it!

I’d like to nominate Toby Oliver DeanYUK FUNVictoria Sol


July 8, 2013

British Rare Breed wool for Blythe doll Re Roots

Blythe doll collectors have discovered that our finest British Rare Breed wool makes beautiful hair for their unusual dolls. I don’t often get to see what my customers do with their purchases but every now and again I get a surprise, here is the latest customised Blythe doll by a talented artist from the USA.

I’m so happy that people around the world appreciate our amazing wool and as long as the sheep are happy to wear it I’ll keep dyeing it!


December 10, 2012

Tasty hats for the holidays!

Super cute and completely unique these delightful hats will bring smiles all round. Each one is different, hand crafted with love. Just like our edible British Christmas puddings these come complete with brandy butter on top and a sprig of holly.
In 3 different sizes
For the little one
hat no 1
For mum or big sister
Hat no 2
For Dad or big brother
Hat no 3

December 3, 2012

Christmas Gifts for spinners and felt makers

Just a couple more seasonally packaged mixed fibre ‘crackers’.A perfect gift for anyone starting out on their felting journey. Lots of colourways to choose from in the etsy shop.
Ingredients of Lido
Lido cracker
Ingredients of pink & white
Pink & White Marshmallow cracker

October 1, 2012


To help aliviate the lack of space I am having a sale on sock yarn in the shop. Just quote Soctober for a 10% discount.
Some of these colourways may not currently be available!
New batch yarns with labels

July 4, 2011

Free shipping just for the 4th July

May the 4th be with you! Enjoy free shipping on all orders placed today the 4th July in my shops-
Happy Independence Day!


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