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January 26, 2014

Whole 30 A whole new way of eating

My daughter-in-law suggested I try this Whole 30 diet 20 days ago. Considering I gave up smoking some years ago and dairy over 25 years ago I thought I was quite healthy. Seems like trading dairy for soya ‘milk’ and still having a teaspoon of sugar in my tea is not healthy. I’m ADDICTED to sugar!!!! I don’t like chocolate except the white stuff and of course that’s just milk and sugar but I love sweeties.

For 20 days now I’ve consumed nothing but meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and fruit. I’m learning to love dates, remember those things you had at Christmas time? I really like their caramelly taste now! Olive oil and coconut oil have replaced my ‘vegetable’ oil. I read even more labels now searching for the hidden sugars and nasty e numbers. My butcher and I are almost on first name terms and every week I pick up a new ingredient from the food market. This week is was a white radish. I ask numerous questions to all the market traders and explain to the vegan noodle lady why I’m not purchasing her gorgeous spring rolls and curries with noodles. Not long now I tell myself…….

Hot drinks are no longer enjoyable, I’ve tried about a dozen types of ‘tea’ and various ways to make a decent coffee at home. When I’m out with a friend I’m limited to an espresso, not the same as a soya latte!!! And fizzy water is not a drink to have in a pub!

We have a fantastic bakery in our village, the best bread for miles and the best donuts! I have to walk past it to the butchers, oh the temptation! 

I have more food waste now so I’m glad our council collect and compost it, I’m not throwing away my cooked stuff it’s all the veg & fruit skins!

Just ten more days to go then I might just celebrate with an iced bun and a shandy! Soy will no longer be part of my diet though and hopefully I will be able to drink a cup of tea with no sugar without grimacing. 

Wish me luck!!


May 8, 2012

From Highland cow to string

During an exceptionally quiet moment at the Spring show I volunteered to spin some fibre from the gorgeous Highland cows that were enjoying the attention of many visitors to their pen. I had the chance to stroke one or two of them and was surprised at how soft they were. Unfortunately the bag of fibre I was given was not so soft but undeterred I had a go. Suffice to say I ended up with hand spun string!ImageImage

April 20, 2012

New Banner

I decided the time was nigh to make myself a striking banner to use when I’m out and about. I need something that would last and take the bad weather that we have to put up with sometimes so this is what I came up with.

Made from a felted blanket, a felted scarf, some buttons and silk thread (hand spun of course).


It can be pinned to my table cloth!

December 13, 2011

Christmas crackers

A unique gift idea these crackers are full of fibres to spin or felt. Varying in size and content each cracker has been colour coordinated. Great stocking filler or secret santa gift.
pinks and purples

March 23, 2011

Brilliant Freelancer-Leif Kendall

How proud am I? VERY!!!!

My son presented me with a copy of his book Brilliant Freelancer on Monday and I was so proud I thought I would burst. For anyone thinking of starting  a freelance business this book is a must read. I started reading it on Monday and within minutes it dawned on me that I too am a freelancer.

Yes it’s scary, full of unknowns, not knowing when/if you will earn your keep, but every day is a new challenge. Face the future knowing you don’t have to commute to ‘the office’ every day, get stuck in traffic, push and shove your way on to the train with hundreds of nameless faces only to sit in front of a pc all day.

My days are still structured, I don’t lie in bed all day or watch day time tv in my pj’s, I’m not lonely and certainly don’t miss being in an air conditioned office set at 65 degrees wrapped in a woolly cardi trying to keep warm!

Brilliant Freelancer is out NOW so if you are ready to break free pop out and buy a copy-it’s a snip at 12.99-the cost of a cheap round of drinks at the pub. ISBN 978-0-273-74463-4

It really is Brilliant and Leif really is my son.

January 27, 2011

Motorcycle Funerals

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there on the back of a trailer was a motorbike, but what the heck was that next to it? As I followed the black transit and trailer I realised I was looking at a sidecar attached to the motorbike which was actually a hearse. As we rounded the roundabout I saw the sign writing on transit- Motorcycle Funerals. I just had to look them up! Low carbon footprint/enviro friendly???? check out the web site!

January 1, 2011

Out with the old

In with the new.
Happy New Year everyone, or as my old friend Sue says, ‘Happy New Yurt’ The Stanmer Park yurt is taking shape & will be the first of many to adorn our newly formed National Park. More info on Sue’s web site Knitting the Map. My resolution? not to make any!

December 6, 2010

Random acts of kindness

I have often given the odd pound to strangers needing change for the parking machine and thought nothing of it. While on a shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells yesterday I waited patiently in Fenwicks to purchase a gift for my daughter. There was a long queue and not enough sales staff, but it’s the festive season so I was patient. I told the lady next in line that I knew what I wanted so wouldn’t be long but her parking time had long expired anyway. We got chatting & long story short turned out she had a 20% off voucher so I gave her my cash & job done, discount received. We exchanged contact details just incase our packages got mixed up during gift wrapping but  her name wasn’t on the card. As she had finished her shopping she gave me the voucher which I used gratefully & then passed on to someone else. Thank you kind stranger!

December 2, 2010

Late nite shopping Lewes-Cancelled

Well I never, is this a first?? Snow has fallen in such an abundance they’ve cancelled late night shopping! All those mince pies & mulled wine going to waste……

November 17, 2010

Lewes bonfire night celebrations

Nov 5th seems ages ago now, I’ve been suffering with a chest infection since the 5th & have felt really poorly. I have posted pictures on flickr and there are more on other flickr accounts too. I handed my camera over to a friend as it’s impossible to take pics whilst marching.


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