Introducing Cissy my Blythe (look a like) doll

Last year I discovered that most of the dyed curly wool I sold in my etsy shop was for re-rooting Blythe Dolls hair.I’d never even heard of them! After lots of searching I realised that these dolls are very popular and a worldwide collectors items. Being extremely popular they are also very expensive. I was told about similar dolls that sold for much less so I then went on a search for one that I could use to model the clothes I’m planning to knit, without costing the earth. Cissy (not her real name-her passport is in the name of Susie) arrived a few days before Christmas and although a little scary looking will be a very useful model as she is poseable. Unlike the Blythe Dolls Cissy’ hair has been glued on so I’ll have to live with that and just knit her some hats! Cissy is made by Tangkou and has her own stand, brush, comb and passport. With purple knee highs and boots she is quite funky and even has pierced ears!

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3 Comments to “Introducing Cissy my Blythe (look a like) doll”

  1. She looks more like a Pullip than a Blythe – does she have a switch at the back of her head to make her wink and her eyes move side to side? Pullip bodies are slightly longer than Blythes as are their limbs – but will happily let you have measurements for a standard Blythe body should you need them.

    I only have one Pullip – model was called Nomado (got a mass of maroon plaits) But I have 5 Blythes – I love them.

    • Hi Peri,
      yes she does have the switches at the back of her head, I was told she was faulty hence she was very reasonable and as I’m not a collector it didn’t matter to me. She is about 13inches tall. The measurements of a real Blythe doll would be helpful! Have you ever re-rooted your Blythes?
      Happy New Year Peri!

      • Hello
        I have never customised mine – I’ve had them years and choose them carefully cos I liked each particular one. I did think about buying parts and building my own but, you know what it’s like, I never got around to it. A friend customised hers successfully including the eye chips.

        I measured Fruit Punch outside her clothes –
        shoulder to crotch 8cm
        shoulder to foot 17cm
        inside leg 10.5cm
        chest & hip 12cm
        waist 9 cm
        head 28cm.

        The head size is an issue with clothing and also allow for the cord/ringpull in the dolls back which changes her eyes. I know that Knitty have some knitted designs in their archive (Amy Singer used to collect them) and there is a Blythe forum on Rav. Hope that helps.
        Happy New Year.

        p.s My Pullip has a rubber body shell and none of the Blythe clothes fit her but someone told me Bratz doll clothes fit Blythes never tried it out – but it might give you size if you come across any 2nd hand ones in your travels.

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