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March 23, 2011

Brilliant Freelancer-Leif Kendall

How proud am I? VERY!!!!

My son presented me with a copy of his book Brilliant Freelancer on Monday and I was so proud I thought I would burst. For anyone thinking of starting  a freelance business this book is a must read. I started reading it on Monday and within minutes it dawned on me that I too am a freelancer.

Yes it’s scary, full of unknowns, not knowing when/if you will earn your keep, but every day is a new challenge. Face the future knowing you don’t have to commute to ‘the office’ every day, get stuck in traffic, push and shove your way on to the train with hundreds of nameless faces only to sit in front of a pc all day.

My days are still structured, I don’t lie in bed all day or watch day time tv in my pj’s, I’m not lonely and certainly don’t miss being in an air conditioned office set at 65 degrees wrapped in a woolly cardi trying to keep warm!

Brilliant Freelancer is out NOW so if you are ready to break free pop out and buy a copy-it’s a snip at 12.99-the cost of a cheap round of drinks at the pub. ISBN 978-0-273-74463-4

It really is Brilliant and Leif really is my son.


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